A Step By Step Guide on How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

May 9, 2012

The duties of a CNA also include providing supplemental services to other nursing and medical staff as well. Their main responsibility is to help medical patients accomplish their daily courses. Along with this, the CNAs should also have good interpersonal skills and caring nature in order to fulfill their duties in the way they are supposed to do. Here are some steps that will guide you on your way to become a certified nursing assistant.

Step 1: Make a proper note of the tasks that a CNA is required to perform

The CNAs are responsible for providing assistance to patients in activities such as feeding, bathing, toileting, getting dressed and walking. CNAs are also required to take the vital signs of patients such as heart beat rate, temperature, blood pressure, etc and make medical reports for the doctors regarding the patient’s progress.

Step 2: Enroll for a nursing assistant training program

There are number of schools, colleges and vocational institutes that conduct CNA training programs. For those who have financial problems, free CNA classes are a very good option, since they provide on the job training with an agreement to serve that facility after the trainee is done with his/her CNA certification.

Step 3: Apply for the CNA certification exam and pass it

Once you are done with your both theory and clinical part of the CNA training program, enroll for the state accredited CNA certification exam. Make sure that you study well for the exam and pass in both the sections of the exam; because only then you will obtain your certification that will allow you to find a job as a CNA.

Step 4: Look for the job as a CNA

After passing your CNA certification exam, you obtain your CNA certificate. This enables you to look out job as a CNA. The CNAs can find employment in various health care sectors such as hospitals, nursing homes, adult care facilities, day care centers, etc.

Step 5: Look out for advance career options as a CNA

Working as a CNA may not be the long term goal for many CNAs. After earning the CNA certification, you can continue with your higher education in the nursing field and become a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN) as well.

So, if you really want to enter the medical field, being a certified nursing assistant can prove to be a stepping stone for this career. By following these basic guidelines on how to become a CNA, you will surely lead you towards a rewarding CNA career.

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